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    About Us

    Zhongdan Group mainly engages in the R&D, production and sales of fine chemical, dye, medicine and pesticide. The headquarters is situated in Hngqiao industrial park in Jiangsu province. Our company has invested 9 enterprises, which are mainly distributed in Jiangsu, Chongqing, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang.

    Long development history. In 1980, the Taixing Chemical Factory was founded, in 1993, the Taixing General Chemical Factory was established, in 1996, Jiangsu Zhongdan Chemical Group Company was built, and Jiangsu Zhongdan Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. For more than 30 years' effort, the company has transformed from a collectively-owned enterprise to a private joint-stock company.

    Excellent product features. Fine chemical enterprises have passed the ISO9001 certificate, pharmaceutical manufacturers have established perfect IS014001 and GMP quality management system. The international market share of indigo, phenetidine and ethoxyquin ranks big in the world; we have established cooperative relationship with several top-500 enterprises for the production of pharmaceutical products. The company firstly passed the FDA certificate in Taizhou, and it is the pharmaceutical APIs production base in Taizhou.
    High export-oriented degree. We insist on taking the road of globalization, at present, the group has 6 sino-foreign joint ventures, 60% of our products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions. It is the advanced enterprise to earn foreign exchange through exports, it is key export-oriented enterprise in Jiangsu province.

    Strong scientific research force. The company has established scientific research laboratory for postdoctor, chemical engineering center in Jiangsu province, fine functional polymer material laboratory, Zhongdan drug research institute and other scientific platforms; and it has established cooperation relationship with Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, East China University of Science and Technology, Xiamen University and other universities. Moreover, the company has invited several doctors from Harvard University, Beijing University and other well-known universities at home and abroad. The company has 1 national grade high-tech enterprise, 4 provincial level high-tech enterprises, and it has won prize for scientific and technological progress for many times.

    Zhongdan Group will focus on 'chemical industry', and accelerate the transformation and upgrading. We will develop dye, pesticide, pharmaceutical, fine chemical, foreign investment 'five industrial modules'.

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