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    Jiangsu Zhongdan Group was founded in 1979, with headquarters in Qiyu Town, Taixing City, Jiangsu Province. It mainly is specializing in fine chemical, medicine production, medical service and the investment. In 2005, its operating earnings amounted to RMB 2 billion yuan. The sales and interests and tax was ranked in the front ten of thirty strong enterprises. Since 1980s, Zhongdan Group has devoted itself to the research, development and production of medicine intermediate. The Group has programmed the Zhongdan Pharmacy Park Zone with covering an area of 100,000 m2 in accordance with the principle of intensive development. The pharmacy industry is the main field that Zhongdan has been developing. 

    Zhongdan Pharmacy Park is specializing in research and production of medicine intermediate, raw material medicines and preparation. It has the production capacity of small-scale experiment, intermediate testing (of a prototype before going into production) and hatching. It appears the industry-chain development tendency from chemical raw material to production of medicine intermediate, from medicine intermediate to production of raw material medicine and from raw material medicine to production of preparations. In accordance with the requirements of customers, the company can carry out the production of custom-made products. The most of products produced by Zhongdan Pharmacy Park have been well-sold in international market. 80% of the products are exported to the international pharmaceutical companies, such as Merck, Hoffmann-La Roche, Wellcome, Alliance UniChem, etc. In 2005, the value of export run by Zhongdan Group amounted to USD 30 million. 

    Zhongdan Pharmaceutical Industry has “three superiorities”. The first – Innovation Superiority, Zhongdan Group has constructed three innovating platform in different levels: State-level Enterprise Technical Center and Post-doctoral Activities’ Station, Province-level Specially-purposed Chemicals Engineering Technical Research Center and Enterprise-level Zhongdan Medicine Research Institute. Meanwhile, Zhongdan Group has introduced many talents engaged in research and development of medicines, established a research development team leaded by Dr. David, one of four chief scientists in American Dow Chemical, backboned by many domestic and foreign famous doctors in higher colleges and universities and supported by a great deal of Masters and Bachelors and the Medicines RD Lab having the world first-grade and the leading place in China. The second – Medicine Production Management and Hardware Superiority, Zhongdan Group has organized production and management in accordance with ISO9000 and ISO14000. The workshops have been authenticated through GMP. The persons worked in the posts of production and management have the rich experiences in production of intermediate, raw material medicine and preparations, have been trained in pharmaceutical production and management. The Third – Commercial Superiority, Zhongdan Group has established Zhongdan Pharmacy Commercial Department, introduced commercial talents with international pharmaceutical background, specializing in foreign pharmaceutical technology, market exchange and acceptance of order in custom-made products. 

    Since Zhongdan Pharmacy Park was founded, it has well developed. The production scale of medicine intermediate has doubly enlarged. Among them, the annual sales volume of aminophenetole has been ranked in the first place in the world. The raw material medicines used for reducing fever and relieving pain and sartan raw material medicine have registered in European COS and the preparations for cardiovascular diseases, registered in American FDA. At present, the scale production of products such as ketone group ibuprofen, nabumetone, SPPA, ODPA, trityl tetrazotic azoles, bromo- trityl tetrazotic azoles has been formed. Now, Zhongdan Pharmacy Park has been listed as one of five subject park zones of Taizhou Pharmacy City by Taizhou Government. 

    During the period of Sixth Five-plan (11th Five-plan), Zhongdan group, taking advantage of “constructing Taizhou as China Pharmacy City” and the opportunity of “World Pharmaceutical Asia Conference, Boao Forum for Asia”, shall make a great effort to promote the development of pharmacy industry, construct the modern pharmacy industry with “Internationalization of Talent, Product and Market.

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